Extraordinary weather conditions during the past days in Estonia have changed the ice on the Haapsalu Bay unsafe. It’s been an urgent task for the Organizing Committee to check all the alternative options to find another venue in Estonia (Haapsalu Tagalaht, Haapsalu Eeslaht, Väike Viik in Haapsalu, Topu and Võrtsjärv) and they have found the best ice conditions on the Lake Võrtsjärv, in the middle of Estonia (from Tallinn 190 km, from Tartu 50 km, from Viljandi 25 km). Ice is really thick and strong there with a light orange pattern on it which is good both for the ski and skate.


Võrtsjärv – February 1st

See the ice report photos of February 1st  – the location of the photo you’ll find under “i” – info button while zooming the photo out.

The center of the venue will be either in Vaibla or Valma – distance between these two locations is 8-10 km. It will be decided on Tuesday, where the Race Office will locate.

Accommodation information will be shared on the WISSA 2016 webpage also on Tuesday, February 2nd. There’s enough rooms for all participants – no need to worry. Keep tuned!


Haapsalu Väike Viik – February 1st