What an outcome for the WISSA 2016 Worlds in such conditions so far – maximum program!
5 races executed for Sleds and Wings and 4 races for Kites on Day 3.

Having 10 races of Course Race discipline done with one discard for Sleds, Latvian Aleksandrs Leontjevs has secured his leading position with 19.1 points. On the second position with 30.4 points is the current leader of Slalom discipline, Lithuanian Paulius Voverys. Achieving 4 bullets today and one DNF (mast broken) today, Janmarek Maszkiewicz from Poland jumped from the 6th position to the third place in Course Race discipline.

In the Wing class the current top 3 retained their positions. With 4 bullets and one third finish today Johan Sjöstrand from Sweden secured his leadership with 8.9 points in total. With a consistent racing another fellow countryman Carl James is on the second position and Rainer Salo from Finland secured his third place with one bullet, one second and three third finishes today.

Kites did have a Course Race discipline today. Two discards came into effect after 12 races done. Not much chances for other competitors left from Swiss Ronny Bollhalder in Kite on Ski class. His advantage ahead of the following fellow countryman Jonas Lengwiler is 21.7 pts!! Only one point separates third Swiss Michael Kaspar from the second place.

In the Kite on Ski/Skate class the leader is also Ronny Bollhalder with 10.9 pts in total. On the second position 16.9 pts behind the leader is Robin Larsson from Sweden, who got two bullets, one fourth and one seventh finish today. Swiss Michael Kaspar is on the third position 5.9 pts behind of the second.

In the Kite on Snowboards class the leader is still Alexey Burukhin from Russia with 12,8 points-advantage ahead of another Russian Igor Danilov being second. On the third position is now Nikita Sokolov.

Friday ‘s discipline for Sleds and Wings will be Slalom, for Kites the discipline will be Course Race.

The results can be found at website